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Our role in calculating LCoE for Energiforsk’s study of Swedish waters

Energiforsk, an energy research institute, engaged K2 Management to deliver a large pre-development study and analysis for the LCoE of offshore wind off the coast of Sweden. The data will work to inform Energiforsk’s comparative study for the development of the most cost-efficient energy resource.

The scope saw the K2M team calculate and advise on Capex, Opex, and LCoE values based on varying site conditions in Swedish waters along the coast. The K2M team developed calculations for a custom range of multiple sites with distances of 10, 25 and 50 km and depths of 15 and 30 m to give the client a holistic and comparable picture of LCoE based on current conditions. 


Mats Sellei, Director of Procurement and Supply Chain at K2 Management said: “Leveraging our extensive market insights and tried and tested LCoE models provided Energiforsk with a comprehensive overview of the energy prediction and cost efficiency of multiple potential offshore wind sites in Sweden.  With Sweden’s pledge to be completely reliant on renewable power by 2040, this detailed assessment of offshore costs will play an important part in understanding how this goal might play out in the future.”


"With K2 Management’s extensive offshore wind track record and deep technical offshore insights, we felt confident in using their detailed LCoE calculations to inform our study. The pre-development scope delivered by K2M allowed us to comparatively explore the commercial opportunities for Swedish offshore wind."

Åsa Elmqvist
Program Manager