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Helping you get the best from your assets

The project is commissioned; the assets are generating power - now what?

The project build and live date is only just the beginning. Once operational, owners must begin to establish how to generate more value from their investment. 

To achieve the greatest value, owners should be asking:

  • How can I minimize downtime? 
  • How can I tweak misalignment to improve performance? 
  • How can I maximise technology advancements throughout a project's 25+ years of operational life? 
  • Why are aspects of my project underperforming and how can I proactively tackle these issues?  

We provide independent expert analysis and industry-leading asset management advice to projects situated across the globe. Learn more about how you can optimize performance via the above drop down menu.

Optimizing project return on investment through asset management
Optimizing project return on investment through asset management
Advanced operational analysis delivered globally
Advanced operational analysis delivered globally

What is good wind analysis


News, views and insights

K2 Management wins at the 2023 Wind Investment Awards

K2 Management is proud to announce it is the recipient of the highly commended award in the ‘Technical Advisory of the Year’ category at the 2023 Wind Investment Awards - one of the industry’s leading events that recognise excellence in the renewable energy industry. 

Shifting your mindset from building to operating an offshore wind farm

During the development, financing and construction of an offshore wind farm, the focus of most developers and suppliers is firmly on how to build the best energy project possible.

How we add value to our clients

Operational analysis to optimize wind and solar assets

We have supported Cubico in several operational projects to deliver operational performance reviews, assessment of long-term energy yield and calculation of uncertainties.

O&M service for Latin American wind portfolio

Contour Global engaged us in supporting the move from a basic O&M setup to full O&M strategy.

Turbine inspection for Encavis

We undertook detailed turbine inspections on onshore assets, as part of a technical due diligence scope.

Identifying underperformance in Asian wind farm

We took a new approach to operational assessment to solve significant underperformance issues on an Asian onshore wind farm.

Download K2 Management's Operational Wind Farm - A Buyer's Guide

As the risk of failing to accredit increases, many buyers are sensibly choosing to delay investment until projects are up and running.

While operational assets are not subject to the same licensing, construction and commissioning risks as pre-construction projects, they do still present significant pitfalls related to long-term energy yield.

PDF_-_guide_-_operational_wind_farms_-_a_byers_guide_pdfWe regularly conduct operational analysis that uncovers flawed projections, resulting in revenue over-estimates of hundreds of thousands of pounds per year.

Likewise, we sometimes see the reverse which can present valuation opportunities.

Download this report to see some real examples of this in action, and to get insights from us in our Buyer's Guide.