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Appointment as owner's engineer for TSV Investment's Gai Lai onshore wind projects

20-Sep-2021 04:00:00 | Onshore wind

One of Vietnam’s largest owner’s engineer agreements will cover the Kông Yang (175MW) and Cư An (175MW) projects K2 Management (K2M) has been appointed as owner’s engineer for two of TSV Investment’s onshore wind projects in Vietnam that will receive support from the United States Agency for International Development (USAID)... Read More

4 ways to reduce the uncertainty of energy yield prediction

07-Jul-2021 13:41:55 | Onshore wind, Offshore wind

With the growing scale of wind farms, both onshore and offshore, there has been increased focus on wake, or turbine interaction, effects in recent years. Due to the size and multi-array nature of offshore wind farms, turbine interaction effects are typically one of the dominant impacts on the energy yield of these projects. .. Read More

How will floating foundations affect turbine performance?

25-Mar-2021 17:14:39 | Company news, Onshore wind, Offshore wind

Floating foundations offer offshore wind an opportunity to move into deeper waters, and higher wind speeds, significantly upping potential generation capacity for offshore wind. Uncertainty is to be expected, but how can it be minimised to ensure well developed, profitable projects? To fulfil the potential that floating wind.. Read More

K2 Management’s double appointment in Pakistan

02-Feb-2021 01:45:00 | Onshore wind, Asset management

K2 Management has secured two mandates to deliver technical expertise for onshore wind projects in Pakistan. Developer, Artistic Milliners, has appointed K2 Management as owner’s engineer, to deliver full technical advisory throughout the construction phase of the 50MW Artistic Wind Power Project in Jhimpir, Pakistan. The.. Read More

Five reasons to invest in Polish renewables

29-Oct-2020 09:00:00 | Solar PV, Due Diligence, Onshore wind, Offshore wind

Poland is still very much at the early stages of its energy transition, in a drive to move away from fossil fuels and build a more sustainable energy network. Despite a slow start compared to some European counterparts, Poland’s renewable energy market has been hotting up over the last two years and is now an attractive.. Read More

10-year LTA role in Vietnam on the largest onshore wind project

27-Oct-2020 06:00:00 | Due Diligence, Onshore wind

K2 Management has signed a 10-year contract to deliver technical expertise on what will be the largest onshore wind project in Vietnam on behalf of Philippine bank, Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation (RCBC), together with RCBC Capital Corporation.   RCBC appointed K2 Management as Lender’s Technical Advisor for the circa... Read More

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