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Get the experts on your side

With deep expertise gained through many years of hands-on experience, only K2 Management has the practical knowledge required to help you see more value in energy projects developed in North America.

Covering every aspect of the project lifecycle, we see the opportunities for cost savings and greater performance others might overlook, providing insights that make projects better—for lower risk and the highest possible return on investment.

Beyond financial returns, we deliver something invaluable: the confidence and peace of mind that comes from having the experts on your side. 

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Why K2 Management?


K2 Management doesn't certify technology, which means that we won't ever provide due diligence on a project that we previously certified from a technology standpoint (this is not true with others in the market).

This gives us a truly independent view of each and every aspect of a project, leading to the most accurate and trustworthy reports. That’s insight you can take to the bank.


Decades of hands-on experience gives our people the ability to see more value and spot unexpected risks in your energy projects.

Our view of projects is multi-dimensional, helping our clients gain a holistic perspective. 


Here in North America, the cookie cutter approach to energy project development and management simply won’t cut it.

National, regional and state-based challenges are unique to this market, from shipping issues resulting from the Jones act, to manufacturing challenges caused by steel tariffs, and much more.

You need tailored North American solutions provided quickly and responsively by local experts you trust. 

We bring value to North American projects

140 +
US wind projects We have been involved in over 140 onshore and offshore wind projects in North America
36 +
GW of projects We have been involved in 36+ GW of onshore wind, offshore wind and solar projects across North America.
9 +
years in N. America We have been involved in US offshore wind since 2009, supporting the industry for over 10 years.
% independent We don't certify technology, so can deliver truly independent due diligence.

How do we support our clients in North America?

Flick through the below to see the top three ways that we are helping clients in the US: 

Driving US offshore success

The next wave in offshore wind is here. We’ll help you learn what you need to know in order to make sound investments in this booming sector. Our track record and experience in offshore wind is unrivaled in the industry, and we have in-depth knowledge of the unique regional challenges faced by developers and investors in the US offshore market.

Technical advice for investors

Investors in North America are under pressure on many fronts. Are you worried you are missing out on the best projects with the greatest returns? Are your long-term investments rock solid from a technical standpoint, with predictable returns that match your risk appetites? Our technical advisory team supports investors with due diligence and risk management to ease that pressure.

Optimizing assets for ROI success

Asset Management is all about securing the best possible return on investment throughout the lifetime of your project. Why accept standard returns when you can optimize to maximize your ROI?  

A detailed asset management strategy and optimization plan will help your project to exceed its projected yield, maximizing revenue and return on investment.

What's new in our North American projects?

Let's talk North American projects