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Optimizing project return on investment

The construction is complete; the assets are generating power - now is their time to do the hard work so that the owner can reap the rewards. 

Relying solely on a service agreement with a supplier during operations will likely keep your assets operating on a basic level, but without independent optimization advice, your return won't be maximized and that's where our specialists come in. 

Owners want the best operational performance and good margins when refinancing. Investors want assurances that they're investing in a robust project. Our specialists work with owners and investors to optimize assets and strengthen the bottom line.

Asset management for energy projects


Don't leave life extension until the last minute



Get in there early...


Project owners can increase their overall project earning by up to 2% if they plan for lifetime extension at an earlier stage in the project, rather than beginning the process in the project’s final year.  


Find out how

Helping you get the best from your assets

Undertaking optimal asset management is a delicate balance and one that encompasses many different elements.  Here's how we can help you get the best from your assets and a stronger bottom line.


Boost your ROi with asset management


From identifying OEM/ ISP bonus incentives to maximizing gains from insurance, we help you to focus on the commercial elements that can boost your ROI.

Grid curtailment and balancing - the right way


It's not easy for asset owners to keep on top of grid curtailment and get asset balancing right. That's where we come in...

End of asset warranty - are you ready?


Coming up to the end of your assets' warranty? Now is the time to be thorough with the planning and delivery of your end of warranty strategy. 

OEM management for optimal management of assets


Make sure that your inspection package covers all bases, from service inspections and proactive work planning to management of KPIs and component exchange management.

How are your turbines performing?


We will dig deep into your assets' data to identify issues impacting their performance and integrity. Then we'll help you figure out how to optimize it.

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