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Day in the Life: Amandine Pelissier, Specialist, Analysis Services

With various teams located all around the world, we’re taking a deep dive behind the scenes to explore the roles of our talented colleagues that make K2 Management what it is. Each of our departments play a unique role in our clients’ renewable energy journeys, and our team members across a range of specialisms each bring their extensive expertise to the table.

To showcase the engaging roles of our renewable energy specialists, this new blog series explores a typical day in the life of our K2 Management colleagues. In this instalment, we meet with Amandine Pelissier, a Specialist in our Analysis Services department. Amandine is a Solar Analyst and is primarily responsible for managing the consultancy’s solar tools and resources. Her duties also extend to solar analysis proposal writing, working closely with colleagues in Wind Analysis and Due Diligence.


Amandine sets the agenda for her day by checking emails, prioritising responses to the most urgent queries and completing the daily tasks that fall under her responsibility. “My email load varies a lot, so it sometimes takes only 15 minutes and sometimes a few hours. I have also become more involved with managing the solar analyst’s resourcing as of late, meaning I have the responsibility of keeping our internal resource planning software up to date. I also check seven solar monitoring stations we currently have deployed in Australia as part of our Meteor data management service.”

Once her business-as-usual tasks are complete, Amandine moves onto the most flexible part of her day. Mornings are usually open offering a mix of meetings, independent deep work and collaborative chats with colleagues. Amandine comments, “I don’t usually have a set timetable between 9.30am to 1pm although this is dependent on workload. I usually touch base with colleagues in the Due Diligence and Analysis teams to manage proposals and resources, and typically have weekly recurring meetings covering our project pipeline.”

Despite a core focus on solar projects, Amandine also embraces opportunities to get involved in other aspects of her department’s work, adding that she often joins the Analysis Brunch & Learn weekly workshops, where members of the team share new and interesting information on projects or tools.

Similarly, she notes how her solar work is providing her with new opportunities and scope: “I am increasingly involved with proposal writing for solar projects, and a lot of our solar work is currently coming from hybrid wind and solar projects. Sometimes my duties come from Due Diligence projects too, and though solar analysis may form only a small section of the proposal, we need to ensure that associated solar scope and cost estimations are appropriate. In fact, I am now a lot less involved directly in solar analysis as an Analyst, and instead have more of a supporting, coordinating and quality assurance role, answering questions of fellow analysts before passing it on for final technical approval.”


Like many colleagues at K2 Management, lunchtime regularly involves a group outing. “I usually bring my own lunch when in the office,” comments Amandine. “But sometimes I follow my colleagues to a local café called Piece for a nice sandwich. We often catch up with each other, chatting about interesting projects we are working on but also exchanging on our personal interests, chatting about movies, recent holidays, weekend plans etc. Occasionally, on nice sunny days we go for walks along the Clyde River or have a picnic in the nearby Kelvingrove park.”

In the afternoon, Amandine typically undertakes a range of tasks depending on project requirements, pipeline and needs of her fellow teammates. “Like the morning, I don’t have a set timetable for early afternoon, but I do set out time to conduct some solar energy yield analysis and work on improving our solar tools. This can involve me taking part in developing our in-house Python programming tools or researching market and technology trends, making sure all our solar tools are up to date.”

“The diversity of the work is one of my favourite things about my role,” comments Amandine. “Because the solar team is small, I am involved in many different types of projects that are all at different stages. For example, I can take part in the proposal writing stage and then work on pre-construction or operational solar farm energy yield assessments, or support Due Diligence in undertaking energy yield assessments and technology reviews.”

Personal and professional development is an important part of Amandine’s day, as it is for many staff at K2 Management. Amandine particularly enjoys dedicating part of her afternoon, when possible, to watching market and technology webinars plus undertake tasks that help the development of solar analysis skills of her fellow analysts. Evolving her career through professional development opportunities is something Amandine is welcoming with open arms, utilising our company-wide mentorship programme, Connect K2M, noting her career having changed a lot in her three years at K2 Management.

Amandine adds, “I joined K2 Management as a Graduate Solar Analyst focusing on solar analysis and tool developments, and now work in a more diverse role as a Specialist Analyst. I will always keep myself open to exploring interesting new opportunities within the company. I enjoy numbers, technicality and analysis work, so my goal at the moment is to finish my current wind analysis training and to broaden how I support wind projects alongside my solar work.”

Amandine praises the variety of her role and working environment as something she loves most about working at K2 Management. “I enjoy my work and feel like there are always opportunities to follow my interests and develop more skills within the company,” Amandine comments. “I also appreciate the flexibility K2 Management offers, and I enjoy working with my colleagues - everyone is so open and supportive!”

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