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Controlling a wind project

Ilmatar Foundation Work

Wind project implementation support from specialists

As projects are getting larger and more complex there is an increased focus on getting project implementation right first time. The on-site organisation and management capabilities of the construction management team are critical to the progress and successful outcome of the project.

K2 Management can fully manage a wind farm project from beginning to end, or simply contribute experts with knowledge and experience to your implementation team ensuring that lessons learnt from previous projects are applied to your project for best possible result.

Risk and interface management:
Two critical elements of project development and management for complex projects are risk and interface management. Both require a sound awareness of the potential problems that could occur, a comprehension of the impact that would result, and an understanding of how best to reduce or eliminate the likelihood and impact of such risks.

The extensive hands-on experience of our team has helped K2 Management to excel in risk and interface management. The experience gained from working on multiple projects for a range of clients allows our team to share experiences and generate a body of collective knowledge within K2 Management that supports implementation of the latest best-practice. 

K2 Management has developed expertise in the areas of package management, proactive risk management strategies, and the identification and handling of interfaces and responsibilities on multi contractual boundaries.

We also develop effective business risk management processes that identify, measure, assess, mitigate and monitor overall project risks.

Supply chain management:
With strong supply chain experience embedded throughout our team, we specialize in providing technical, strategic and market penetration advice to new suppliers of equipment looking to break into the wind energy market, or to existing players seeking to expand services or introduce new technology.

K2 Management can provide an independent review of your development or innovation to identify strengths and to help address areas that may cause concern for potential clients.

This could include giving a 'developer’s perspective' review of tender response documentation for feedback on sales arguments, presentations and benchmarking comments regarding contractual stances, pricing levels, schedule efficiency and other relevant issues.

Our Services

We support our clients in their efforts to develop and operate wind projects that achieve the best possible return on investment. 

We offer global independent consultancy services to wind developers, utilities and investors within the entire value chain.

We are 100 percent customer focused, dedicated and committed in our role as Owner’s, Buyer’s or Lender’s Engineer.