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Day in the Life: Senior Consultant and Team Lead for Procurement

The work undertaken by K2 Management is incredibly diverse, with experts from a range of backgrounds joining our expert teams to pioneer industry-leading work in their respective fields. People are at the heart of what we do - our colleagues, our clients, wider stakeholders and beyond - with our colleagues coming together from multinational teams to collaborate and share both regional and global expertise.

To showcase the engaging roles of our renewable energy specialists, this new blog series explores a typical day in the life of our K2 Management colleagues. In this instalment, we meet with Martijn Korpershoek, a Senior Consultant and Team Lead of Procurement, sitting within our commercial advisory services department. Martijn is responsible for managing a team that spans both Europe and Asia and, in this blog, gives us insight into his role, responsibilities, activities and future ambitions.

“As senior consultant, I am responsible for the procurement events that we organise for our clients around the world. We support them in understanding market dynamics, develop sourcing strategies, and sourcing components and services required for onshore and offshore wind farms,” says Martijn. Responsible for four brilliant team members, Martijn is also heavily involved in sales proposals, recruitment, and the future strategy of the team. “We are part of the commercial advisory services team, made up of approximately 10 people. All of whom are very knowledgeable, fun and motivated individuals who do everything to deliver great value to clients. I find our group commitment to projects extremely inspiring.”


With his team sitting in both Europe and Asia, Martijn takes advantage of early mornings to catch up with colleagues in Asia. With half of their day already done, it's a prime opportunity to chat through new developments and begin planning the day ahead for the European team members. As Martijn says, “there are often already some updates to share, and we typically discuss news, new proposals and ongoing projects and clients.”

A typical day in his department usually sees Martijn spend his mornings on several multinational projects, including a few in the US too. “With the projects in the US, I usually have time every morning before the client and my US-based colleagues wake-up, so that I can get some work done. This can include working on presentations, RFIs and RFPs that we would like to distribute to the supply chain,” comments Martijn. Supplier activity also gets underway in the European region at this time too, and Martijn works alongside colleagues to discuss supplier relationships with ongoing clients and new prospects.

Being part of a friendly team is something that Martijn enjoys and is a part of K2 Management’s culture that we all value highly. In addition to formal duties there is an emphasis on bringing people together socially. As Martijn shares, “Lunch in the Aarhus office is centrally organised and we have a lunch provider delivering us nutritious food every day, which is really nice. I moved to the office in Aarhus two years ago as I was hoping to sit close to all sorts of experts in the wind industry, and during lunch we often manage to catch up on the latest developments in the industry and specifically for our clients.”

Collaborating with colleagues is a focal point of Martijn’s day, with international teams offering new opportunities for working with and managing a range of stakeholders: “Diversity, working with various cultures and countries, multiple clients and colleagues is one of the best parts of my job. Within our role we often manage three distinctive fields of stakeholders: The Client, The Supply Chain, and our K2M Colleagues.” As Martijn further notes, “this dynamic makes the role very enjoyable and makes us deliver great value to projects.”


After lunch is when the second part of Martijn’s workday begins, which starts by checking in with colleagues and teams in the US. The teams align and discuss work before catching up with suppliers in America and Europe. It’s typically the busiest part of the day. Despite its chaotic nature, Martijn aims to take some time outside of the office before the sun sets. He adds: “As daylight is limited in the Nordic countries during this part of the year, I do my best to get out of the office and catch some daylight before it's over. It isn’t always feasible, subject to the “flow” of the day and often a late decision, but if I manage, I go out for a run, walk or cycle before the sun sets.”

With an emphasis on flexibility, autonomy, and personal development, Martijn has embraced K2 Management’s company ethos and approach that encourages our colleagues to strive for their personal and professional goals in the ways that best suit them. “My goal in 2024 is for the commercial advisory services department to become a benchmark in the industry in our field of expertise,” comments Martijn. “I also want to develop this team in such a way that it is even more enjoyable to work for K2 Management. We do meaningful work for our clients and undertake a lot of knowledge sharing among ourselves - all while having a stable and high billability degree throughout the year.”

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