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Levelling up wind industry economics could protect supply chain

09-Jun-2022 21:14:23 | Development, Offshore wind, Procurement & supply chain, Pre-development

Renewable energy demand is increasing, most recently driven by a determination to reduce reliance on Russian oil and gas with a longer-term goal to achieve hugely ambitious net-zero targets set by governments all over the world.  Ambitious pledges are being announced frequently – most recently the combined promise from.. Read More

What potential does the Baltic States hold for offshore wind?

05-May-2022 18:18:40 | Development, Offshore wind, Pre-development

According to a report for the European Union carried out in 2019 there is a total of 93GW of offshore wind potential in the Baltic States. These markets – Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania – are putting their collective foot on the accelerator to prepare for the big task ahead. But what potential do the Baltic States have for.. Read More

K2 Management to advise Baltic offshore wind developer, Sunly

24-Mar-2022 07:00:00 | Development, Offshore wind

K2 Management will consult on the development of a pipeline of offshore wind projects in the Baltic Sea, after signing a framework agreement with Sunly, the independent power producer in the Baltic States and Poland.  The team will undertake pre-development studies and research for Sunly’s offshore wind projects and will.. Read More

Fewer parts and pieces: Rethinking wind turbine construction

23-Feb-2022 16:13:21 | Development, Offshore wind

As the world edges toward a recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, its demand for energy remains unabated. The IEA projected that in 2022, there will be a 4% increase in global electricity demand. With gas prices at an all-time high and net-zero targets set to drive down a reliance on fossil-fuels generally, it is more.. Read More

K2 Management bags double Dogger Bank hattrick

24-Jan-2022 08:00:00 | Due Diligence, Development, Offshore wind

K2 Management has announced that it has completed its pre-financial close due diligence work as lender’s technical advisor (LTA) for the third phase of the Dogger Bank Wind Farm – and been appointed to a four-year construction monitoring role. The wind farm is being developed in three 1.2GW phases: Dogger Bank A, B and C... Read More

ScotWind: what comes next?

25-Nov-2021 23:17:32 | Development, Offshore wind

Since the process began in June 2020, to the application closing date in July this year, ScotWind Leasing (ScotWind) has been an auction that the entire wind industry has kept a keen eye on.  With 75 different applications emerging, there are many big players with their sights set on the Scottish offshore wind market. The.. Read More

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