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ScotWind: what comes next?

25-Nov-2021 23:17:32 | Development, Offshore wind

Since the process began in June 2020, to the application closing date in July this year, ScotWind Leasing (ScotWind) has been an auction that the entire wind industry has kept a keen eye on.  With 75 different applications emerging, there are many big players with their sights set on the Scottish offshore wind market. The.. Read More

The big supply chain squeeze

07-Dec-2020 14:58:27 | Due Diligence, Development, Offshore wind

A huge expansion in European offshore wind is on the horizon, according to WindEurope and the European Commissioni. This is represented by a 25-fold increase in capacity in the next 30 years which is impressive, but the short-term plans are even more staggering. A five-fold increase in the next 10 years is a significant.. Read More

How to tap into the benefits of co-location

26-Jun-2020 12:16:01 | Solar PV, Onshore wind, Development

Despite the benefits that co-location of wind and solar generation on a single site brings – from managing the peaks and troughs of generation to optimizing ROI, hybridisation strategies are still only in place on a small proportion of global clean energy sites. So what are the barriers to greater proliferation of co-located.. Read More

Big rotors on short towers could be damaging in more ways than one

26-Jun-2020 11:34:34 | Onshore wind, Development

The UK and Irish onshore wind markets are beginning to return to a somewhat buoyant level of activity and although things have changed a lot since the days of the RoC and REFiT incentives, K2 Management is seeing stronger onshore activity every month. Developers are increasingly looking at new greenfield sites and, as the.. Read More

Wind industry outlook through the lens of COVID-19

29-May-2020 14:56:23 | Onshore wind, Development, Offshore wind

The last few weeks have brought a significant amount of disruption to countries around the world as governments battle to contain the coronavirus outbreak. The impacts of the lockdown have caused concerns for many within the wind industry but there are also reasons for optimism as we consider the impacts of COVID-19 on the.. Read More

What are the impacts of shifting solar lifetime from 25 to 35 years?

28-May-2020 16:41:58 | Solar PV, Development

The traditional lifespan of 25 years for solar PV technology is becoming a thing of the past, now making way for 30 to 35-year projections. But what impacts might you face by shifting the expected lifetime of your solar PV plant to 35 years? Here’s some insight from some of our solar experts: What is the expected lifespan of.. Read More

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